Postcard 1: Final design practice.



I decided to create my own symbol with the sketch that I drew. How I did this, was I made the shapes using the pen tool in illustrator, creating layers on each part so I could keep up with where I was. By doing this, I can easily go back to anywhere in case I have made a mistake.

I filled in parts of the areas I would want to look bolder than others, keeping the same similar style of drawing that I have seen in the Codex and other symbols. I kept the colours a very dark grey and not quite black, to stop it being so bold and harsh to look at.



I then went on to produce a coloured background in Photoshop. I got a texture I had and multiplied it on top, creating a dusted, old style to the colour. I played around with a dark border first, but I felt it was way too harsh to look at, and hurt my eyes! So I stuck so keeping it the other way around.





I thought more about the colours and remembered that the Codex used mainly reds, blues, greens and yellows, so I had a go at a few. My favourites were the green and red version; I felt that these two colours were much more appealing to look at and brought out the a lot more than the other colours.


I thought the symbol itself would not mean much to whoever is viewing it, because it is my own version of the symbol. Moreover, people wouldn’t understand where it came from and its significance. I decided to put the title of the symbol at the bottom, in the same colour as the background.

I chose 3 different fonts to use it with, which I thought worked well with the theme of the postcard. I chose to do Lithos Pro, because the font was bold and not too formal. I thought of putting it at the bottom in the same colour keeps the main focus on the image itself, as then people would then read the text and understand what the symbol is, encouraging people to pick it up and read more at the back.


I also thought using a border would be appropriate, as it separates the text rom the image, and give it quite a clean finish…


Lighter - Final choice

Lighter – Final choice

After masses of debate about which colour I should use, I eventually went for green. I brightened the green very slightly so make it appear a bit brighter. In the end, I thought that the red looked nice, but it was almost replicating ‘danger’ to the image, which is not what it was portraying. The green appears more inviting, and also links with the idea of a tree and green leaves.



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