Postcard 1: Symbols around the 6th Century.

There are many symbols that have been around for thousands of years, I thought I would look closer on the symbols around the time (ish) when the book was produced and see what other symbols around the world was around at that time. I only selected a few because I felt these ones have a lot of meaning to them, which I could relate to with the Madrid Codex.


This is a pre-Islamic religion. The two symbols I found around the 6th Century I thought was quite interesting. The Faravahar is an image of a disc with wings, later the Assyrian god was added on the top. This symbols depicts the guardian angel to the people.


The second symbol is of fire; people believed that fire purifies. There are about 200 fire temples in the world, 150 of which are in India.



This belief is a way of life that was taught by the Confucius. This is followed by the Chinese, which has spread across Asia to Japan, Vietnam and Korea. The symbol represents that belief and teaching of Confucius himself.



The Om is a Hindu belief. The symbol represents the 3 major topics of the Om:

– 3 worlds (Earth, Atmosphere and Heaven)

– 3 Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Siva)

– Essence of the entire universe



This is a religious belief influenced from the Buddhists, in Japan. The symbol for this is the Torri Gate. This represents the gateway into the Shinto shrines. Torris is believed to act as gateways to Shinto shrines, where religious objects and spiritual existences are believed to be placed. Shrines are believed to house the dead spirits.



This is a Buddhism belief, which has become influential on the Western Society, mainly later in the 20th Century. The symbol represents meditation and peace within the religion, which is shown by a circle going around.

By looking at all of these other symbols, it can help me to open my mind a little more to what designs I can produce for my historic postcard. I could maybe copy a few examples, and interpret them as my own, or take elements from each one to come up with a whole new design. I really like the idea of using black and white lines that are quite thick to create a simple symbol to represent something that could have been an everyday thing. I could maybe even do a symbol based on the beliefs of Mayans, and what they wrote in the Madrid Codex.


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