Postcard 1: Symbols and sketches.

After looking at the different types of symbols, I went to try and see what postcards produced Aztec-style postcards. There weren’t many, which I was specifically hoping to find, but I managed to find a few, which I thought could be quite interesting.

aztec_native_tribal_animal_symbols_postcard-rc895606fa3d441c8a7801027c7cba1de_vgbaq_8byvr_512 aztec_snake_postcard-r1d99682cc1d246699cd52b667bf2ea6f_vgbaq_8byvr_512 inca_bird_tattoo_postcard-r0dbc9d906bfb451391f1e52676c19129_vgbaq_8byvr_512book_of_kells_angel_postcards_package_of_8

I noticed on the majority of the postcards, the image was placed in the centre of the page, making it the only focus. I also noticed that there was limited type, I think that because of the limited type, it made the image itself more effective as it was the only object on the front, which to the audience could mean anything. The backgrounds were mainly mustard yellow, which looked like it had been tea-stained to look old like it was from the original book itself. These postcards also had a lot of colour used, which would have been used such as the colours from the Book of Kells (reds, blues, greens, yellows).

aztec_cuauhtli_eagle_putty_postcard-r5a4f4bd9cce5455ea79df36a527fde36_vgbaq_8byvr_512 love_chinese_language_symbols_words_expressions_postcard-r7dd066787a80436bb3a3f61a64f82131_vgbaq_8byvr_512

Some of the designs were designed in black and white. The black and white I think is especially effective because of the contrast between the two block colours, combining the colours with heavy strokes and lines, creating all different patterns to form the image.

I looked back at the symbols I had researched for the Madrid Codex, and looked at the other designs that were produced, and I thought about creating some symbols of my own. I thought it would be appropriate to produce symbols which the book specified such as eclipses, seasons, everyday life and animals etc. I drew out a few sketches, taking ideas for inspiration from the original designs, and made them my own; this way I would be able to show that I can look at existing designs, and make it an original.

photo 1I started off drawing simple symbols of the eclipse, seeing what different shapes I can get out of it. I thought it would be better to only have one image centred on the post card, otherwise a number of symbols could look overcrowded and people won’t want to look at it. I carried on doing designs of the tree of knowledge, everyday life (drawings made in their style) and the seasons.

photo 2


I decided to come up with a few mini-symbol designs myself such as recreating the sun symbol, and designing one to represent heaven. By doing this, I had a look at what they had symbolised them and interpreted them, and I made it my own by either changing it completely or taking elements and redoing them.

photo 3

I thought the three of knowledge would be a good one to design, so I thought about going further with my idea. I combined elements from all the ideas I had laid out to create my rough sketch design. I thought about the design and think that it could work with both colour and black and white. Differently to my other postcard, it would be portrait. I also maybe thought about having a very small amount of text at the bottom, to explain what the symbol is. Personally, I find symbols really interesting, especially if they have a very unusual story behind them, therefore if I saw this, I would want to pick it up and find out more such as the era, time, were, when and the legend behind it.


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