Postcard 1: Choosing a historic piece.


Following from my brief, I have to find something relating to the history of typography. I decided to go down the route at looking at some of the oldest surviving books and picked 3 I thought was the most interesting to study.

The Book of Kells

The Book of Kells

  • The Book of Kells – written by monks of the New Testament, dating back around 800 AD. The book consists of beautifully crafted illuminated manuscripts of lettering and decoration all across the pages.
Diamond Sūtra

Diamond Sūtra

  • Diamond Sūtra – known to be one of the oldest surviving printed books to date. It is a book about the Buddhism teachings, however no one is quite sure as to who originally wrote it.

Madrid Codex

  • Madrid Codex – one of the only surviving books from the Ancient Maya, a civilization dated before the 16th The book is precious because of the mystery of the disappearance of the civilization; the book contains rituals and daily activities they did, written like a calendar of events that occurred.

This book I was most fascinated about. I think the symbols of their work is so interesting to look at, and the information behind the history of the book I would love to find out more about, as well as find out what the symbols mean. This also links to the whole evolution of typography as well as the alphabet, which would be interesting to find out about further.


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