Colours and Shadows.

photo 1-2

Colours and shadows (no idea why) are probably the most fascinating thing to me! I love how you can create all different covert and obscure things with colour or shadows, which can either trick minds or produce something completely out of the ordinary. I thought about colours and shadows, and thought what example could I show?

Because there is SO much choice out there, I was a little stuck until I went to a club, which had lazar lights going across the room. SO many clubs have this, which gives such a cool effect in the room and brightens up the place because it is so dark – so I thought this could be a perfect example to present both colour and shadow.

photo 2-2

I thought that these lights were particularly interesting to look at, because of the way all the colours clash each other but they also compliment another too. I love bright colours, which give a smoky effect to them!

Because of the intense colours used from the lazars there was not much other light in the room. The whole room when the lazars was not blaring in your face was a complete shadow, as you could not see the person next to you. With this, it gave a completely different feeling; you almost feel a little lost because you cannot see who you are with the whole time, and therefore you always have that thought in the back of your head to stay with the person you know!

photo 3-2

In these pictures, I think that the shadow allows the colours to become the whole focus of the club; the fast movements in them encourage you to dance along and enjoy yourself with the music – definitely worth the travel.

photo 4

This image from Ed Sheeran I thought was completely amazing. I was fortunate enough to get a box seat in order to capture this. I LOVE the colours in this picture, and how the shadow of the crowd is dissolved from the lights of the cameras and phones shining at the stage – completely mesmerizing!


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