Evaluation and Final Piece.



This is one of my very final results of my poster design. I think the colours go really well and the camera pops out in the image. I definitely prefer having the border to separate the text from the image itself and the simplicity of the design.

Although the design itself wasn’t easy to produce, I feel it is not too over the top. I do however feel like there is a lot of tweaking to do such as making the camera bigger perhaps? However with the time and deadline I was given I wasn’t able to quite fit it all in! If I had more time I would definitely had thought more about the composition and come up with a more unusual design. (Maybe even have the text as the main part of the poster?)

How I produced my poster.

After I had got all of my images, I then chose which images would suit best for the layers and merging of the images. I separated the camera body from the lens. Using the same technique on both, I made a collage of the typography from the images I took when I visited the Strand and overlaid it on the body of the camera.



I had to do a LOT of tweaking and adjusting with the shadows etc. but in the end I managed to get two separate ‘templates’ of the camera, which I then put back together. (I thought it would look better to have two separate images on the camera than one massive collage!)

The background was a LOT of editing! I had to turn Peter into a silhouette by adjusting the brightness and contrast, as well as cropping out Jake’s arms. His arms were tricky because I had to get sections where they were in black and white, and then when his hands overlapped the body of the camera I had to cut out a new layer so that they were in colour (confusing, I know.)

The majority of the whole piece was purely using different effects to overlay the images so you can still see every layer when you look closely enough at it. That is what I think makes my poster pretty successful.

The textured part of the background I just had to change the opacity and de-saturate it, easy!

I know there is a lot of improvement I could do to my poster. I wish I could have made the camera slightly bigger and changed the colours a little so it didn’t look so dark. I should have also played around more with the composition of the camera and whether to have it in a corner or rotated rather than centred. Overall I am pleased with what I have done in the time given.

I feel that my design matches the brief quite well. I think my poster communicates to the specific audience quite clearly, judging from the image of the camera and the overall theme is quite grown up and formal. I have also managed to research a lot of posters to help me get to my final design, along with practicing and changing my design as I’ve gone along.



  1. This is quite a nice composition. I agree that maybe playing with the position and size may have put the final touches to it, and I think you should still play with it some more😉 The imagery of the typographic elements in the camera are layered in nicely. I can see how doing the silhouette would hVe taken a bit of time. Overall totally worth it. Great job, cant wait to see your next piece.


  2. aww thank you! yeah i definitely will play around with it a lot more for my portfolio 🙂 I’m hoping to include a lot more ‘photo manipulation’ work throughout the next few projects (hopefully). soon i will post up some of my old pieces of work relating to what i specifically do 🙂 x


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