Research: Colours/Themes for my Type Tour.

Research is essential for ANYTHING in the world! It helps to expand our knowledge and get inspiration and ideas to help broaden our minds too. Lots of research is needed for all of the modules I am doing, and my Type Tour poster is the real tester to see just how much/little research I will need to do.

From what I have researched looking at previous posters, there are all kinds of colours that go on a poster! I would have to say that I like the idea of having quite bright colours that aren’t too vivid to be shown, but it still looks professional.

Analogous colours:

Complimentary colours:

The one thing I always do is refer to the colour wheel to see all the main colours in one area, this way I can see what colours would compliment and what ones would clash; but I would also see what ones would clash in the right ways such as red and green.

— The only way you will know for sure what colours to use is when you are actually creating the piece in front of you!


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